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Meal Plan Savings

STEP 1:  Decide if you would like to place an a la carte order from the Keto Meal Menu below, or if you would like to save with one of our Keto Meal Plan Packages from below.

STEP 2: Decide on which meal plan box size is right for you and select the meals you want to enjoy.  All of the meals have keto macro ratios so you just simply need to order what looks good to you.

STEP 3: Receive your amazing KETONED keto meals and simply heat, eat , and enjoy.  It’s as simple as it is effective and this is why we are the best keto meal delivery service in the country?  You won’t need a macro calculator or any of that other nonsense with our keto meal delivery service.

Q. When should I expect my delivery?

Order Completed Order Ships Meals Delivered
Sunday Tuesday Wednesday
Monday* Tuesday Wednesday
Tuesday* Wednesday Thursday
Wednesday* Thursday Friday
Thursday Tuesday Wednesday
Friday Tuesday Wednesday
Saturday Tuesday Wednesday
Holidays Following Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday Following Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday
* Orders received before midnight (12:00am) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (excluding holidays) will ship the following day.

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Ketoned Bodies is currently closed as we restructure the company.  Please do not place any orders, even with coupons. We will process a refund for all previous orders not filled.  Thank you.